„Angekommen“ (engl. „Arrived“) is a documentary about integration. In the 1980s many kids of migrant workers started following their parents to Heilbronn, Germany. And many of the parents wanted their kids to work at the same factory: AUDI.

A big issue at that time was the lack of language skills of the parent’s generation due to a massive need of workers in a very short period of time. But Horst Strümann, AUDI’s factory psychologist, had an idea: Instead of putting those kids right in front of the machines and assembly lines, Horst Strümann conducted an integration project in which German grammar and vocabulary had the same importance as torsional moment and milling.

This documentary is a snapshot 30 years later of some of those working class kids, who came to Germany not only to work but also to live, stay and prosper as a wedded and vital part of the German society. (German language only)
Type Documentary
Style of music Classica/ Hiphop / Electronica
Production GER, 2010
Director Andreas Kröneck
Music Antonio Fernandes Lopes
  • Documentary
Angekommen | Documentary
Angekommen | Documentary
Groschenromanze | Film music

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