Everything is becoming more and more digital. In terms of books there are many reasons why digitalization can have a lots of benefits, e.g. having thousands of books right in the palm of your hand wihtout having to carry tons on your back. But in the course of increasing digitalization, one place is losing more and more importance: the library.

This cinema ad for the German Library Association (DBV) wants to remind and refresh the spirit and importance of the library as a vital place of encounter, exchange, learning, fun and creativity.

The funny thing here is: I was not only composer, but also the male actor.

Type Cinema ad
Style of music Electronica / Breakbeat / Pop
Production GER, 2012
Director Andreas Kröneck
Actors Anne Patricia Milles, Antonio Fernandes Lopes
Music Christoph Burghardt, Antonio Fernandes Lopes
  • Cinema ad

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