»FAUSTDICK« | A German comedy film

It's finally done! A project started a bit less than two years ago in cooperation with Magmell StudioLAB SIX sound & media and Heklau 3D, has come to an end; at least in terms of production. We created »Faustdick« - our feature film debut. 

A 90 minute comedy in which everyone gets their come-uppance: the jobless, the cool ones, the fat cats, the disabled, the shy ones and many more.

A comedy about love, friendship, community, team spirit and ... diarrhea.

We are very proud about our first own production and now will start the quest of finding a good and broad distribution.
Besides being co-producer, co-writer and even actor (yes, it had to be!), I had the great pleasure of composing and producing over 70 minutes of music and also having the chance to involve great talents such as co-composer Kim-Dirk Linsenmeier from Mannheim or guitar master Thomas Höflein.

We're still figuring out if the soundtrack can be posted publicly in full length. As soon as this technicality is cleared, you will find here something to listen to.

Thanks to all involved great talents both in front and behind camera and wish us luck for being allowed to produce FAUSTDICK II.

Type Feature Film
Style of music Orchestral, Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal
Production GER, 2019
Prod. Company Magmell Studio, LAB SIX sound & media, Heklau 3D
Music Antonio Fernandes Lopes


Co-Composer & Trombone: Kim-Dirk Linsenmeier
Guitar: Thomas Höflein
Clarinet: Luigi-Maria Rapisarda
Violin: Jan Vajs 
Trumpet: Robert Giegling
Bass: Sebastian Nöcker
Drums: Helder Lopes Ramos
Cello: Judith Lilly Raab
Piano & Accordeon: Antonio Fernandes Lopes

Vocal Performers:

»Empty Frame« performed by Tansy Davis
»Game of Life« performed by Anna-Lena Breunig
»Be the Change« performed by Maxime Arm

Faustdick | Feature Film
Faustdick | Feature Film
Faustdick | Feature Film
Faustdick | Feature Film
Faustdick | Feature Film
Faustdick | Feature Film

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